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Saving Early Birthday Invitations and Sweet 16 Invitations

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January 30, 2012 at 4:48 pm

Every birthday is special but some are more special than others.  Some parents believe baby’s first birthday is the most important but their children might have a different idea.  As our kids grow older their personalities become more defined and their style changes with it.  You can see the changes throughout the years through their party themes and birthday invitations. Saving these helps hang on to the memories for both you and your child.

Unique Birthday InvitationsDifferences Between The 1st birthday and Sweet 16 Invitations

The parents’ personalities show more during the earlier years since they are the ones usually shopping and planning for the parties.  These birthday invitations are commonly basic using general colors and images.  They range from standard themes to popular characters.  During the later years children put in their own opinions and start to individualize their parties.

Some birthdays are celebrated with different amount of enthusiasm.  Most kids are ecstatic to turn sixteen while turning eleven might not have been such a big deal.  The pre-teen birthday invitations are typically universal and go with the latest trends.  Sweet 16 invitations tend to be done with more thought and are a little more elaborate.  There are a variety of options to modify standard birthday invitations where you can add personal touches like photos and quotes.

Remember To Save The Memories

Usually after the first few years the birthday invitations get thrown away and forgotten to be saved.  A lot of parents remember to keep their baby’s 1st and maybe their sweet 16 invitations but not the rest.  Sending yourself one is an easy way to remember to save the invite and also makes you feel as special as the other guests.  When you receive the invitation in the mail immediately put it in your scrapbooking or memories box.  Keeping each one is a nice way to preserve the memories and makes scrapbooking easier.

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Party Invitations for that Sweet 16 Party

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December 19, 2011 at 3:54 pm

Planning a party is not as difficult as you may think. By choosing your party invitations based on your theme and the type of party that you want to have, you can ensure that everyone is invited in a fun way. Whether you are looking for sweet 16 invitations or other party invitations, you can find exactly what you are looking for by shopping online. Just take the time to customize these party invitations and make the most of them.

Sweet 16 Invitations

Party Invitations

Planning a sweet 16 can be great fun, but you want to be sure that your sweet 16 invitations fit the personality of the young lady that you are celebrating. Whether she has particular interests or fashion style, you will be able to find party invitations that will fit her personal style to make the most of the sweet 16 invitations and help you to create a theme for the party, from decorations to food and more. 

Customizing Sweet 16 Invitations

Party Invitations

Sweet 16 Invitations

The great thing about shopping online is that you can customize your party invitations and stationery. You can upload pictures or come up with your own wording to make your party invitations really stand out. No more do you have to settle for the party invitations that are just like everyone else’s. You can personalize your sweet 16 invitations to make them as special as your daughter.

When you want to celebrate a 16th birthday, take the time to customize the party invitations that you send out. By choosing a design and uploading pictures, logos, or your own wording, you will be able to have party invitations that will be as unique and individual as the birthday girl herself.

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Sweet 16 Invitations With Style and Bling

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December 6, 2011 at 3:10 pm

One birthday milestone that a young girl looks forward to is the 16th and finding sweet 16 invitations that will fit her personality and style can get the party planning off on the right foot. Whether she is a girly girl or prefers things a little less shiny and feminine, there is a wide variety of different choices that you can take advantage of in sweet 16 invitations. The key is to think about your daughter and the kind of party that she will enjoy and then choose your sweet 16 invites from there.

Bling It Up In Sweet 16 Invitations

A 16th birthday for a young girl needs to have some beautiful bling. You can start the bling fun with the sweet 16 invitations. Whether you go with zebra, pink, brown, teal, turquoise, or another base color or design, you can bling it up with glitter and more. This can give you the bright and fun invite that your daughter will enjoy and appreciate and it will fit the 16th celebration perfectly. Customize your sweet 16 invitations to make them into that piece of art that will fit the function of inviting as well.

Sweet 16 Invites
Sweet 16 Invites

Sweet 16 Invitations Just the Start

Once you have the invites chosen, you are ready to move on to the next party planning steps. Your sweet 16 invitations choice can help you to determine which way that you want to go as far as the rest of the party. For example, if you choose a certain design or theme, then you may want to carry that theme throughout the party planning. By looking at the sweet 16 invitations that are available and customizing them to your needs, you can give yourself a creative boost for the rest of your party designing.

A 16th birthday is one that you want to celebrate with big fun and personality. By customizing your sweet 16 invitations, you will be able to create the design and style that will fit your daughter and her own personal style.

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Sweet 16 Invitations for Your Daughter’s Special Day

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October 29, 2011 at 9:12 pm

When your daughter is turning 16, you want to be sure to throw her a party that is both fun for her and exciting for her friends. Sweet 16 invitations can range in style and theme, so you want to be sure that you determine what level of formality that you want to have in your Sweet 16 Invitations and in your party. Whether a formal and sophisticated party or a whimsical and fun party, there is a wide variety of Sweet 16 Invitations that you can choose from.

What are some of the themes that you should consider for your Sweet 16 Invitations?

Sweet 16 InvitationsMardi Gras is one theme that you can consider for Sweet 16 Invitations to have a wild and crazy time. The purples, greens, and golds can be your main color palette and you can include masks and beads in the décor as well to make the location pop. Another theme that you will want to consider is a princess theme for your Sweet 16 Invitations and décor. With a lot of pink and bling in the centerpieces, foods, and other decorations, you can set the party up for even the most spoiled little princess. See what fits your special daughter the best to ensure that you are able to have the Sweet 16 Invitations and party that she will remember forever.

The 16th birthday is a special one and you want to be sure that you take the time to find just the right Sweet 16 invitations that fit her personality and style. Zebra print, photo cards, and more are available to give you the Sweet 16 Invitations that will fit the party best to make it a special occasion for everyone involved. Take the time to look through the designs that are offered to find the perfect Sweet 16 invitations for you and your needs.

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